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National MagLab researchers capture images of animal tissue in never before- seen details !

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Images of animal tissue –

With the help of Tesla ion cyclotron resonance short for ICR mass spectrometer, it is actually amazing at creating images and also had mass resolutions, and this is so high that every distinct kind of molecule was actually mapped by the different types of colour.  This is actually known as 21-T. The instrument which is used in it is actually the lab’s unique and special world record 21.

Dr. Don Smith, who is actually the national mag lab chemist as well as the co-author of the study and explained mass spectroscopy imaging, is actually not a novel technique. He actually presented his point of view and explained this “I like to think of this as the most information per pixel — how much chemical information we can get from each pixel in a given amount of time,” he further continues and said, “We are observing new molecules that have never been observed, never been mass resolved in tissue before.”

Dr. Ron Herren’s role in this research –

The researchers of the national mag lab they actually collaborated with dr. Ron Herren, who is actually the division head of mass spectroscopy imaging that is MSI, who is from the Maastricht multimodal molecular imaging institution situated in Maastricht university in the Netherlands. They both together research and do an experiment on the healthy rat brains; they were looking for certain lipids or any kind of biomolecules in charge of critical body functions.

The sensitivity of the 21-T and the instrument, which is provided from Maastricht and had the ability to vaporize as well as ionize. This is actually also containing approximately thousands of molecules at a time. Herren said in this that “This is the reason we come to the MagLab,  to push imaging boundaries and see molecular detail that would otherwise remain hidden”. For scientists, this is a great success in itself.

Reetika Kachchhwa