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New Blood Test Detects five new types of cancer! Surprised?

By Abhishek Singh

Science and Medicine have created miraculous cures for any incurable diseases of any symptoms and diseases. Analyzing the root cause of the effect the disease has, studying it, and medicine targets the affected cells. Repairing the damaged cell and regenerating new ones. As time passed, innovations in medicine & science mankind gave. Such as Penicillin which became a revolutionary medicine that can cure infections.

Then later came Aspirin and the recent Herceptin which has the effects of curing breast cancers. And cancer is one of the deadly diseases that can cause great damage to the body and mind. Scientists have been constantly searching for a cure or a special cancer screening test. Which can easily detect and warn the damage of tumor cells spreading, and treatments are more likely to work. Scientists have managed to0 come up with a blood test that is known to detect 5 types of cancer. And by using a blood test, doctors were able to cure the symptoms of cancer. Before it manifested. Read on more to know about the miraculous finding in the area of medicine.

How effective this blood test is?

Tot est the effectiveness of the new blood test. A clinical trial is conducted in 91 % of people who had cancer. But had no symptoms when their blood test collected. After nearly three to four years many started showing symptoms of Lung and liver cancer, colon and stomach cancer, and esophageal. Sino-US-startup created the blood test.

“Many people are prone to develop symptoms of cancer. Based on family history, genetics, and many factors involved in it” Dr. Kun Zhang, co-author, and head of bioengineering department at the University of California San Diego. said about the new blood test which can detect the symptoms before it shows to effect on the body. He’s also an Equity holder of Singlera Genomics, the same organization that developed the cure.

In the past, many researchers tried to recreate the same blood test with people already diagnosed with the disease. Collecting blood samples, and analyzing if they can detect the malignant cell in those samples of genetic mutation. But none worked too well until now.

Zhang and his colleagues researched more on the development of five types of cancer. Stomach, Colorectal, Esophageal, Lung, and Liver. They test they created makes use of sensing methylation patterns. In which a chemical group is implemented into DNA to alter the genetic activity. hence the greatest chance of detecting cancer before the symptoms have manifested.

This isn’t to say that the test is successful as more research is required to further correct the DNA & fixing the methylation patterns. And it probably will not be able to detect cancer that grows very quickly.

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