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New Twist to the Story of Human Ancestors From an Unusual Skullcap and Thousands of Clues

A Homo erectus skullcap found northwest of the metropolis in South Africa. It has been known because until now it is the oldest. The analysis of this is printed in Science. The hominin could be a direct antecedent of recent humans, experienced a dynamical climate. The invention of DNH 134 pushes the origin of Homo erectus back between 150,000 and 200,000 years. The University of Johannesburg gives them.

Our Direct Human Ancestor-Homo Erectus is older than what we already knew. Recently it is published that “An unusual skullcap and thousands of clues have created a southern twist to the story of human ancestors.” In Johannesburg, there is a place in the northwest named as rolling hills is famous for Hominins. Hominins are the fossils of human-like creatures.

Fossil forensic is the main aim for the scientists to know from what animal they have come from. The cradle of humankind has many different species. The site on which it is found has two of them. Scientists compared the skullcap to all the other species, and they found that it is Homo erectus as it has a teardrop shape and a big brain cavity. They found that these Hominins are more like human-like species. These species have shorter arms and longer legs. They can even run and walk for longer distances as per the scientists.

The scientists knew that no other Homo erectus had been ever found in South Africa. They found the age of the species by the soil layers. Till then, the oldest Homo erectus was from the Dmanisi in Georgia, which is approximately 1.8 million years ago.

Scientists found that these fossils dated 2.04 to 1.95 million years ago. They found all these details from different dating techniques. They also found two other species named as Paranthropus and Australopithecus. These species shared the same landscape with the Homo erectus. But all of these look different from each other. Scientists used different landscapes for each one of them. The scientist’s main attempt is to see the Story of Human Ancestors. They got every detail from that area.