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Next-Gen PS5 And Xbox Series X Games Debut At The Game Awards 2019 – GS News Update!!

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Xbox series X –

Xbox series X is actually of the next generation and going to release approximately in the middle or at the end of this year 2020.  The code name of this is the Xbox project Scarlett. This Xbox series X has actually got reveled in front of the world at the game awards, which was conducted in 2019, and they showed the trailer of it.

This is going to be amazing, and a little bit is departure design-wise and as well as name wise. Microsoft has also revealed that and suggest that it is going to have a powerhouse. This is not the one who is going to belongs to the next generation hardware from Microsoft itself; the company has also said and confirmed that this is just the family of the console and will be called Xbox, and also the series X is actually which is from that part.

PS5 of Sony –

Well, according to the news, PS5, which is actually of Sony, they are likely to get its launch in the ending or maybe the middle of 2020. According to the rumors, this can be released between October and December, but November can be the release month most likely. Also, there are many rumors about the beginning of the development of the two new Xbox console that is codenamed anaconda and Aalo Lockhart. So basically, they both are the main release of this year and can be a great success because nowadays, the craze of playing video games has automatically increased.

One of the main features of these is that they are basically custom-designed processors from AMD and also the powerful two times than the Xbox one X. The capability of this is that it is capable of running games at 120hz frame rates and has 8k resolution.

Reetika Kachchhwa