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Nier Reincarnation is coming to Android & iOS with closed beta available. Check out for more details!!

By Abhishek Singh

Hack and Slash games combined with Role-playing games can be quite stimulating to gamers. Who loves a challenge while stylishly mowing down enemies. Pulling off those amazing combo attacks, counters, and killing enemies with a strategic approach. Makes it quite appealing & stands out from the rest of the games. Many of the gamers know Nier Automata, it’s beautiful level design, innovative gameplay, and gripping storyline. Made by Platinum games who also created Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. One of the most creative hacks & slash games with amazing combat mechanics, amazing soundtrack, & is still popular to this day. Another good news for the Hack & Slash gamers is that Square Enix is coming up with their new Nier game “Nier Reincarnation”. Which will be available for both Android & iOS and offer the same experience from previous Nier games. Read on more to know about the upcoming hack & slash game from Square Enix.

Release Date of Nier Reincarnation.

Celebrating the anniversary of the original Nier game which came out in 2010. Square Enix has decided to release the new Nier Reincarnation for mobile platforms. Such as iOS & Android. The sad news is that Square Enix has not revealed the release date for the new Nier game as it’s still under development. Although the beta version of the game will be available in Japan. With only available to 20,000 players for the close beta, (10,000 users of iOS and 10,000 users of Android). If the players exceed more than 20,000 users who applied for the close beta. The participants will be decided by lottery.

Features of Nier Re[in]carnation.

Nier Reincarnation retains all the aspects of the original Nier game. RPG elements, Hack & Slash gameplay & impressive narrative in the storyline. The graphics & physics of the game are top-notch, combined with beautiful graphics, role-playing mechanics, and amazing soundtrack. Worthy in every aspect of new AAA games. And quite impressive for mobile hardware to run this game. Featuring the new protagonist in the game.

Here’s the footage of the new AAA title of Nier series “Nier Reincarnation”.

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