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Official detail plans of efficient traffic control for Space X launch – check it out!!

America is ready to make history with its first human spaceflight (Space X) to launch from American soil. Ever since NASA retired its space shuttle fleet in 2011. Amidst the COVID- 19 pandemic terrorizing the whole world. America is taking the biggest step and ready to make its big mark with the recent Space X new program.

With NASA’s new Space X Demo-2 mission which has been given clearance to proceed towards liftoff on the first crewed flight of the newly established commercial crew program. The space agency has relied on Russian Soyuz rockets and spacecraft to get its astronauts in and out of the orbiting lab. With this the new Space X is hoping to end the dependence of Soyuz rockets.

Falcon 9 Space X rocket

Space X Details.

Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will depart to Space X crew dragon capsule which will launch atop in falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy space center in Florida. Which is scheduled to be liftoff on May 27. With one of the important events happening in America, it is imperative to take measures so the launch goes smoothly. Here are the important details of controlling traffic.

The country and public officials stated that the citizens should plan ahead of time and make safety their priority. If they wish to witness Space X Falcon 9 rocket near Kennedy space center from major locations like Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and many more.

The country also issued an advisory that “Traffic is a major concern because of a limited amount of roadways leading to prime viewing locations. When gridlock happens not only will that result in frustrating the motorist but also poses an issue to the law enforcement, fire, and ambulance units that might not respond to an emergency consequently major damage to the city and people.

Florida department of transportation is aiming to take control of the traffic flow on state roads 528 and A1A. Specifically at exits for the George king boulevard at port Canaveral.

Official detailed plans for traffic control.

These are the list of roads that have post-launch restrictions.

State road 528: Eastbound citizens on SR 528 will proceed east of A1A south. They can take SR 520 westbound as an alternative to SR 258. Westbound citizens on SR 528 shall proceed west on SR 528.

Traffic route to take for faster approach

  • U.S.1/ Washington street in Titusville: All citizens on the north of Harrison street will head to north on U.S. 1. All citizens south of Harrison street will head south on U.S. 1
  • Garden street/State road 406 on Titusville: All citizens on the garden street (SR 406) and on A. Max Brewer Bridge and nearby areas will head west on SR 406.
  • State Road A1A in the cocoa beach: Citizens on A1A will proceed northbound to SR 528 and make a U-turn at George king boulevard. Southbound citizens should head to SR 404 (Pineda causeway) to get to U.S. 1 or interstate 95.

Traffic route to take

The officials said visitors can use Waze smartphone applications to monitor traffic and check for parking availability. Waze will be continuously getting updates for the newest information about parking availability.

The government is also urging the people to maintain 6 feet distance from each other to avoid getting effected or unknowingly infecting others.