OG Topson’s Void Spirit has a 100 percent win rate at the ESL One Los Angeles Major qualifiers

This one is all about Topson, a DOTA 2 god

Winning consecutive international championships has molded Topias “Topson” Taatvisainen into a new man. We can see that in his hero pool as well, showing off DOTA 2’s latest addition to the game through the ESL One Los Angeles Major qualifiers.

In November 2019, DOTA 2 released Inai the Void Spirit, as part of the Outlanders update. The hero packs high mobility and powerful attacks, which made him an excellent lancer. It almost feels like it was made just for Topson, as he’s known for his lane dominance and aggressive roaming.

It seems that his team OG felt the same way. His team was able to entrust Void Spirit in the first phase of the draft and entrusted it to him. Topson, without any difficulty, smashed the enemy team into pieces.

After seeing his gameplay during the open qualifiers, it’s evident that Topson prefers using the physical damage build over the trolling items build.

Topson and Void Spirit

The default build that Void Spirit has is that of a magic damage one, and players usually use him as a Spellcaster. But Topson chose a more unconventional path by solely focusing on damage. Void Spirit’s cheap spells and moderate intelligence gain meant that it hardly ever runs out of mana.

Physical damage is especially better in the late game. Void Spirit benefits greatly from it since his ultimate depends on his attack damage. The damaged item called Crystals has received multiple damage buffs, and it’s cheaper than the other items as well, so Topson always makes it his first big purchase.

The enemies got to see how Topson used Inai, so they started banning him, which led to OG’s only loss against Team Liquid in their qualifiers run.

However, they still secured their slot at the LA Major, and while the opposing teams have gotten wind of yet another of Topson’s best heroes and forced it into the ban pool, they know that this won’t make him any less of a headache for them in coming matches.