One-Punch Man Season 3 is COMING on screens very soon!!! MAKOTO FURUKAWA is RETURNING as Saitama!!! Release Date, Plot, Cast details!!!

By Riya Kumari

One-Punch Man is very popular and ready to arrive on screen with season 3 very soon. Now, we can watch the show on Netflix. Makoto Furukawa is returning as Saitama. Read the article to know about the release date, plot, cast, and many more.

A Japanese superhero anime television series ‘One-Punch Man’ was first released in the year 2015. It was based on a webcomic generated by ONE. Tomohiro Suzuki has inscribed the web series. TV Tokyo is its actual network. It has released two seasons. Season 1 was released on 5 October 2015 which consists of nineteen episodes. Season 2 was released on 2 April 2019 which comprises twelve episodes. The series is ready to come up with another season.

One-Punch Man Season 3: Release Date

There is not yet an official release date for season 3. However, it will take time to hit the screen. Enthusiasts are expecting that it will release in 2021. Due to the current situation of the world caused by coronavirus the makers are not announcing the release date.

The Trailer of season 3 is moreover not revealed.


Again the story will revolve around Saitama with his superhuman powers. He can mash anyone in simply one punch. Nevertheless, he finds out many people like him with that superpower. He turns into a mentor a cyborg of genes. But for now, there is no official confirmation in the part of the plot. We can predict that the show must indicate a clash between The Hero Association and The Dragon Organization. Likewise, it will analyze an incredible deal of the identity of Garou.


There is no confirmation about the casting members. However, there is a possibility that all the cast members will be from the previous seasons.

According to the sources, there are some names who will be returning to the show.

Makoto Furukawa will return as Saitama, Kaito Ishikawa as Genos, Ueda Youji as Bespectacled Worker, Shota Yamamoto as Bearded Worker. Nobuo Tobita as Sitch and many more. Makers will introduce some new characters also in the coming season.

Enthusiasts of the series have to wait for a little for the release of season 3. Though makers are trying to release it as soon as possible.

Riya Kumari