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One Punch Man’ season 3 release date, spoilers: Fans expect to wait at least 2 years before next season’s premiere!!

By Reetika Kachchhwa

One punch man season 3 –

This is basically an anime television series, and soon, they will be going to celebrate the first anniversary after season two of this premiered. And with this news fans may be able to get news of the third season of one punch man super soon. Everyone who is a fan of this series always wanted the new season of this series.

So basically, like other seasons, this series has an extremely long hiatus. The premiered in the late of the year 2015 but also got delayed till September of 2016. This is not it; the producers made one more huge announcement in September 2017. The main announcement was moving to J.C. Staff from the madhouse and also will no longer be directed by everyone’s favorite Shingo Natsume.

The main plot focuses on the monster association-

So basically, the plot of this started on an unnamed planet, which is just like earth. On this planet, the powerful monsters and villains are trying to destroy the cities and threatening the people.  To compete with them, the government has created a team of hero association, and these superheroes will stop them from creating any kind of damage to the people as well as to their property.

In this series, there is a  character named Saitama; he captured and encountered many monsters and villains.

Genos proves to be one of the prodigies and also placed instantly in class S, there is a different class of categories.  Saitama always performs many tasks greatly, but he stills under the category of class B just after he defeated the powerful and dangerous Deep-sea king. The story goes like this. This is an amazing series and loved by many, especially by those who are a fan of anime series if you are thinking of watching an anime series than you should give it a try.

Reetika Kachchhwa