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Pinarello Prince bike gets an aero front upgrade! Check here

By Abhishek Singh

Cycling is one of the fun and smartest ways to stay fit. The countless hours we spent in our childhood, having fun cycling, and having a good time. Or heading out to tutions, having a bike assured us for saving time rather than going on foot. The love of our cycling goes beyond it. Whether it be casual or professional cycling. “Pinarello” one of the famous bike company is launching the new version of ‘prince road bike’. The price-conscious machine which aims to introduce the “Tour de France worthy Dogma” to a larger audience. Also featuring the ‘Paris’ comfort-orientated bike. Read on more to know about the latest generation of Pinarello prince bikes.

Unique features of new Pinarello prince model bikes.

The new updated prince model of bikes aims to improve its aerodynamic credentials. In addition to improving its frame strength and ride quality. The brand tailored it as a four bike family, including two rim and disc versions of it. “One is a standard version and the other one is ‘FX’ lightweight with higher-grade carbon”. And features integrated cable routing and spaces for tires up to 28mm wide. An upgrade from the 25mm limit. Unfortunately, the disc version is the only available for the UK who want to try out this bike.

Catering the needs of the customers, Pinarello made several changes to the upgraded model. Including reducing the size of the downtube. And to give a tough competition to Dogma F12, improvements made in the seat stays and increased the diameter of chainstays. Reporting a 10 % increase in lateral stiffness. As well as adding the “Total Internal Cable Routing” a feature that is only available in high-end race machines.

Compared to Dogma F12 counterpart, the bike also possess ‘Onda’ asymmetric tech with upgraded fork shape and fork flaps. With the tubing downsized.

The price of the FX range of bikes will be from a price range of £ 5,700.00 to £ 4,000.00.

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