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Player Killing created a “toxic environment” in Amazon MMO New World

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Toxic environment in MMO –

There are many changes that occur in this game, and similarly, the developers of the Amazon MMO new world had automatically changed its fundamentals, and the game occurs between player Vs. The player works in the game and after they had now struggling to find the solution for how to kiss the other player. In this game before the made changes, everyone was free to attacks at any time at anyone in the rest of the game world. There is a simple rule to kill, that is to attack you have been flagged as criminal, and if you die in this, then you die as a criminal, and with that, you will going to lose all your inventory as well as gear.

Those who are high-level players they definitely enjoy killing the low-level players. Amazon had said on this behalf that “It seems some players had their fun with this system, with high-level players killing low-level players a lot – “sometimes exclusively,” the developer continued to say that “This often led to solo or group briefing scenarios that created a toxic environment for many players.”

Amazon more comments on this –

Amazon game studio said that it is keeping PvP in the game, but it will work in a different way, according to the statement it says that”We set out to build a compelling world full of danger and opportunity that begs to be explored. The intended design was never to allow a small group of players to bully other players. Based on what we saw, we realized that we needed to make fundamental changes and not just incremental fixes.”

PvP, for this term they mean that the fair fights that are actually being organized on a skill base and opted into by all the players. The changes are going to be beneficial for the players.

Reetika Kachchhwa