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Pokemon Go And Harry Potter Wizards Unite Events Announced For 2020- Here are the details below!!

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Pokémon Go and Harry potter wizards unite –

Niantic, the studio which is actually behind Pokemon Go and as well as of Harry potter wizards unites, has recently announced the meetup events between these two in this year itself 2020. This company has actually promised the immersive experience around each game. This event has lined up for st. Louis. They are in Philadelphia.

What this includes –

Pokémon Go event will go to include the Taiwan lantern festival, which conducted in Taichung.  Harry Potter wizards unite will again host its annual fan festival with the details to be announced in prior. You can check other details also, if you want exact information about this you can check this on its official website.

The budget of these two events reveled by Niantic developer –

According to the Niantic reports it says that in 2019 they conducted an event that led to an estimated $249 million in tourism revenue, all the three cities which have been chosen for the event. Montreal, Chicago, and as well as Dortmund, actually they altogether contain the estimate of almost 190000, and also Pokémon fans, as well as Harry Potter fans, attended this event. Also, the Harry Potter wizards unite can also look forward to the next fan festival, although this has not decided the exact date, it’s going to be soon.

These events will take place across different locations, which are actually in Europe, North America, and as well as the Asia Pacific. The developer of this event has also revealed that it hosted more than 2.7 million attendees, which is across 77, festivals which are held in almost 32 countries, and also they had walked 6.5 million kilometers altogether. This collaboration will go to be amazing for everyone and for the fans of Pokemon to go as well as of Harry potter wizards unite.

Reetika Kachchhwa