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Preorders for Oculus Quest 2 are available now. The search 2 also features a replacement strap system that takes a while getting want to but provides a safer and comfy fit!!

Oculus has revealed its latest VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2, which is a successor to the favored Quest. Like its predecessor, the Oculus Quest 2 is another all-in-one VR headset, with a variety of serious changes. The Oculus Quest 2 is obtainable to preorder immediately, with a release date of October 13, and comes in two different models: 64 GB for $299 and 256 GB for $399.

The Oculus Quest 2 may be a very similar experience to the first quest, with some obvious improvements in resolution and refresh rate also as general specs. We see a rise in resolution from 1600×1440 to 1832×1920 per eye furthermore as support for 90Hz refresh rate coming after launch—at launch, it’s capable of 72Hz just like the original headset and an experimental 90Hz feature for system software like Home and the Browser.

In terms of hunt 2’s build, the headset is smaller and more well-off than the first. It’s easier to place on and pop out while wearing glasses also as wear for extended periods of your time. Search 2 also features a replacement strap system that takes a while getting want to but provides a safer and comfy fit.

The IPD (interpupillary distance) is now adjustable by moving the lenses inside the headset, allowing you to decide between three different ocular distances—58, 63, and 68 mm. This can be supported by the space between your pupils, and after you have it in the correct setting, it produces a transparent image.

These include a $49 carrying case and $39 facial interface two-pack, the latter of which permits you to switch out the face shields for narrow or wider pieces to accommodate different face sizes. There’s also an Elite strap for $49 that improves the hunt 2’s weight balance and ergonomics; you’ll also get the Elite strap with a built-in battery and carrying case for $129. And, the $79 Oculus Link cable—which has been available for a few times—is also compatible with the hunt 2.

Third parties like Logitech have also created some accessories for the search 2, including the company’s G333 VR in-ear headphones for $50 and the over-ear G Pro gaming headset for $100. VR Cover has also made a replacement facial interface that improves airflow and reduces the fogging of lenses—you can snag it for $29.

The Oculus Link cable allows you to attach your VR headset to a PC and luxuriate in content from the Rift library, Steam, and also the Epic Games store likewise as the other platform. You’ll be able to associate with a distinct USB-C cable, but you’ve got to form sure it meets the 3.0 standard required to play PC VR games. The Oculus Link cable is out and away from the most effective option, boasting an enormous length of 15 feet furthermore because of the flexibility needed for a smooth experience.

The Elite strap will help with the balance of the headset, while the battery will provide you with the juice you wish to stay playing past the 2 to 3-hour playtime. The carrying case is additionally sufficiently big to accommodate all of this.