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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 new update leaked with new features!! Find out the tricks to WIN Chicken Dinner!!

By Lovy Jones

Let’s know a little about PUBG –

Its full form is player unknown’s battleground. This is basically is an online battle royal game in which multiplayer paly within teams. This is developed as well as published by PUBG corporation. So basically, in this game, more than a hundred players actually got parachute onto an island, and they also have weapons to murder others while they have to go save themselves also. The accessible, safe place of the game map is actually decreased in size over time. The last player or team standing wins the round.

What are the new features and updates –

PUBG Mobile Lite is actually believed to roll out a new update shortly. PUBG Mobile update version 0.16.0 leaks indicate fascinating features like night mode, new lobby, and room cards. The new PUBG Mobile Lite update will roll out near February 18. There’s no official message on when PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 will be accessible.

But leaks are out, which is actually giving participants an idea of what to expect. This new updated version will have amazing features, which include night mode, country flag, and even companion.  The latest update is also expected to bring a new logo of the game. This new PUBG Mobile Lite logo will show a male character with an orange border in the logo.

The upcoming PUBG Mobile Lite update will also bring a new lobby interface with a winter theme. With this new lobby, PUBG Mobile Lite will also roll out a UAZ. This latest update could also bring the possibility of making room cards on PUBG Mobile Lite.

These room cards will be purchased by players, and players can use it to create private rooms for their own private battles. Players can purchase these Room cards, which will be available from the shop section on PUBG Mobile Lite itself.

Lovy Jones