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Razer Announces The Death Adder V2 & Basilisk V2 Gaming Mice

By Reetika Kachchhwa

The latest Death Adder V2 –

The razor has announced the launch of the very new and modern razor Death Adder V2. This will be one of the most and the latest iteration of razors’ best sellers as well as the razor basilisk V2.  They are both upgraded and refreshed with the latest in the razors’ industry, which definitely leads to the innovation of the mouse technology. When this technology hot it’s launch, the razor death adder has automatically increased the bar for the gaming mice. There are almost more than thirty variations on the design, which has sold about more than ten million units all over the world in the year 2019. According to Alvin Cheung who is actually the senior vice President of razor’s peripherals business unit, he said that the “Razer has always strived for perfection with every product we make, and we’ve continually fine-tuned and honed the DeathAdder over the years, with the DeathAdder V2, we’ve taken the most iconic gaming mouse on the market and improved it even further, to give gamers the ultimate weapon and honor the DeathAdder’s reputation of being ‘the unfair advantage.’” these were his exact statement.

Design and shape –

The brand new mouse is actually the design of medium to large hands. The Death Adder is unique, and the shape of this is perfect. This mouse has actually suited for palm grip users as well as claw grip users. This will definitely provide comfort for the users and also reduce the stress for those who use it for long hours. The important feature of this is that there will not be any finger drag points.

The focus+ optical sensor is actually present at the heart of the death adder V2. It has the highest sensor with new intelligent and great functions. The optical mouse switches have the capacity for at least seventy million clicks.

Reetika Kachchhwa