Rejoice!! Now You Can Be Double-Sure As Google Has Enabled Users To Set Up 2 Factor Authentication From Their Phones!!

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Security is a vital issue for us all in this generation. And in these times of phishing, malware and cyber attacks, you would desire the highest level of security for your phones and desktops. To aid their already super-secure two-factor-authentication, Google has now enabled users to set up security keys from their android devices. You can now use Chrome if you’re using an android device and Safari if you’re a macOS user to enable the new feature.

The change was enabled just recently and it is already live in most people’s Google Accounts. The Improved 2 Factor Authentication can be set up by navigating to the security settings section of your Google Account. The setting up of this feature is extremely simple and effortless. For using this feature your phone must be running on Android v7.0 Nougat or above and must have chrome v7.0 and above.

You can even add a hardware security key as an added layer of security for your devices and your google accounts. You can set up the 2FA to stay safe from Phishing, Malware and many other threats and keep your most coveted belongings including bank and credit card details safe from fraudsters. And you can do all of that with simple maneuvers right from the Google Chrome app present in your Android device. You can even use a Titan Key or Yubikey to set up the 2 Factor Authentication all from your phone. The feature for all Google users.

Google added that it will gradually but enable the feature for other third-party sites too for a more secure online experience. Google even confirmed that the feature is certified and follows all the FIDO standards i.e; the same level of protocols a normal physical security key runs on. So there is no way of any kind of misuse or malfunction.