Researchers at UT Dallas develop new cybersecurity to welcome hackers.

A new cybersecurity defense approach is developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas, where the computer scientists welcome the hackers.

Deception technology and unauthorised use of information systems are very commonly used by cybersecurity specialists. With the latest approach by UT Dallas, the researchers gather the information that used to train the computers to recognize and stop attacks in the future.

The research team has presented two papers on their findings. Last month in January 2020, the research team presented approach and findings with the paper “Automating Cyberdeception Evaluation with Deep Learning” at the Hawaii International Conference of System.

They also presented their paper “Improving Intrusion Detectors by Crook-Sourcing” at the annual Computer Security Applications Conference held at Puerto Rico, last year in the month of December. 

The approach is called the DEEP-Dig (DEcEPtion DIGging) method that ushers hackers into the decoy site, which will help the computer to learn from the hacker’s tactics.

Kevin Hamlen, Eugene McDermott Professor of computer science, said in a statement that the hacking criminals always try to attack the network, which is considered a negative thing.

So instead of blocking them, we should learn their tactics and processes as a source of free labour. Looking it through the other way, they are actually providing data about what malicious attacks look like.

Now, this can be used as a benefit by researchers to develop better artificial intelligence by monitoring and learning from the hacker’s behaviour on the decoyed sites.

Latifur Khan, Professor at the UT Dallas, also said that the decoy site is filled with disinformation but looks legit that ushers the intruders to hack the account and to think that they have successfully hacked the site.

Now Deep-dig gives the researchers a window into the hacker’s method and helps the cybersecurity system to keep up the intruder’s new tricks.