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By Reetika Kachchhwa

The new technology that is 3D printing –

The invention of new technology has taken place in this world. Research is directed by ling li, who is the associate professor at the department of mechanical engineering at Virginia polytechnic institute and state university. He and his team developed a 3D printer, which is flexible scaled armor and inspired by chitons who are actually a group of marine mollusks. It basically improves the structures which are actually used in man-made armor; this was actually featured in the journal named nature communications. With the help of parametric computational modeling as well as multi-material 3D also flexible armor was used to create it.

Professor Li has said that the“Most mollusks have a single rigid shell, such as the abalone, or two shells, such as clams, But the chiton has eight mineralized plates covering the top of the creature and around its base, it has a girdle of very small scales assembled like fish scales, that provide flexibility as well as protection.” With the team of Li, members from MIT, California state university, Wyss Institute, and as well as Harvard medical school, max Planck institute of colloids and Interfaces were the part of this team and helped to succeed in the development of this technology.

3D printed scale armor –

Professor Li has said about this technology and explains About it; he said, “We studied the girdle scales in a very detailed way,” we quantified its internal microstructure, chemical composition, nano-mechanical properties, and three-dimensional geometry. We studied the geometrical variations of the scales across multiple chiton species, and we also investigated how the scales assemble together through 3D tomography analysis.” as a result of this technology, the parameter of a 3D modeling methodology it actually adopted the geometry of the individual scale was actually developed. This technology is going to be very famous as well as a great success.

Reetika Kachchhwa