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Robots at CES 2020: Robo-cats, sex tech, pizza makers and more

By Rakesh Pillai

The show was a medium for how robots can impact our lives

We’re not yet at that point where we are slaves to robots, but the number of advancements we make every year in perfecting robot technology grows bigger. Over the past ten years, we have seen a huge variety of robots or AI-controlled devices around us. The jobs they can do have become diverse, and they are not crazy expensive like when they started out. The advancements are showing us a world in which humans and robots can coexist and collaborate.

CES 2020: Returning players

There were wide displays of robots present at CES. Some of the notable figures that were seen were the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, an esports fighting robot, and the one who stole the show and hearts of the people present, the huggable Lovot, made by Groove X.

The show also witnessed the return of the latest version of Omron’s ping-pong playing robot Forpheus and the sex toy Ose, made by Lora DiCarlo, which is on sale after winning an Innovation Award in 2019.

CES 2020: New players

As you know, CES is held at Las Vegas, which is famous for its casinos, hotels, and excellent food. At CES this year, Picnic, which is a Seattle-based company, has brought its pizza-assembly robot. This robot is able to make a whopping 300 12-inch personalized pizzas per hour, and already has its own set of fans at the T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

Another robot worth mentioning is one made by Shenzhen-based Elephant Robotics, which has put together a robot cat called MarsCat. A Labrador robot has been made as well, for senior citizens which dementia. These robots will be available as pets soon.

The purpose of endorsing this many robots is to let the world see them as a force for good. They have proven that robots will be able to assist humans physically and emotionally, as well. One day they will be saving lives and the planet as well.

Rakesh Pillai