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Security experts say Apple’s state-of-the-art security system allowed the hack on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X because of bugs in the code.

By Reetika Kachchhwa

The security system of Apple –

Recently because of the activities of hacking, the research who actually discovered and also suggested that this is Apple prides itself on the iPhone’s state of the security system is what allowed to hack and attack in the Amazon CEO Jeff Benzos’s smartphone. Although hacking the iPhone, which is actually is a very sophisticated program and controls by the operating system and the attacker had found a single thing that can become helpful in hacking the phone, which even has a higher profile individuals.

So basically, at first apple thought there are fewer bugs in the system, which can be automatically deleted, so that’s why the firm is very secretive about the code. So basically, according to the Washington Post, the hackers are likely to exploit a series of bugs Apple had overlooked that would let them bypass all the layers of the phone’s considerable defenses.

What can they do?

Those who are a celebrity or VIP experts are suggested to them now that they should trade in their iPhones for a custom android smartphone because this will definitely be more vulnerability, and this will go to help the professionals to find the bush and fix them also. According to the news, Benzos’s iPhone X was hacked, and he got a malicious message through WhatsApp, which he had received from the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

Avraham has said on this issue that ‘Apple is doing a relatively great job at securing those devices, but breaking into one remotely, which is still within the capabilities of a talented individual.

And also apple noted that who violates this law by federal law, which is known as the digital millennium copyright act. When the researchers are actually able to penetrate an iPhone iOS and then they finally able to detect the flaw, and they actually hide this from the Apple itself.

Reetika Kachchhwa