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Sensitive Skype, Cortana recordings reviewed on insecured PCs in China

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Skype and Cortana –

Let’s know a little about Skype – skype is basically a telecommunications application that actually specializes in providing video chat as well as voice calls between computers, mobile, and other communication tools.

And little about Cortana also – so this is basically created by Microsoft for the window basically for version 10, window ten mobile, Amazon Alexa, iOS, smart speakers, surface headphones, and much more.

Microsoft has actually programmed to convert the audio from Cortana as well as from Skype. According to the former contractor, he said that he reviewed thousands of potentially sensitive recordings on his own personal laptop from Beijing, and for almost two years, he had worked for the company. The voice assistant is basically running for years with no security measures. The recordings have actually invoked activation of the voice assistant and can also do some call through Skype.

So basically, those who work there don’t have any cybersecurity, which can help them to protect the data from any leakage or save the data from hackers, so they can not misuse the important information. The password is new for Microsoft accounts, so that the workers don’t have to face any difficulty.

What contractor had to say about this –

One of the Contractors had said in his statement that “There were no security measures, I don’t even remember them doing proper KYC that knows your customer, on me. I think they just took my Chinese bank account details.” He then added that “just give me a login over email, and I will then have access to Cortana recordings. I could then hypothetically share this login with anyone,” he further continued to this “I heard all kinds of unusual conversations, including what could have been domestic violence. It sounds a bit crazy now, after educating myself on computer security, that they gave me the URL, a username and password sent over the email.” this is the statement given by one of the contractors.

Reetika Kachchhwa