Shutdown as an opportunity to fight the climate crisis: Avoiding a battle today ensures a war tomorrow

Even COVID-19 has its plus sides

The mass panic is high because of the deaths, closure of schools, destabilization of businesses, industries, and economies, among other things, due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus or the COVID-19. But an issue that poses such a threat to us is helping our Earth to heal.

People are now forced to work from home, and a large number of industries that cause large-scale pollution daily are at a stand-still, and because of this, no harmful gases and toxins are being released into the atmosphere. The environment now has a chance to slow down and catch its breath. Venetian canals that were murky and impure before are now crystal blue. Almost all the toxic black clouds in China have disappeared, which has actually helped some people from dying of toxic air pollutants. Animals get to roam as they please now in developed areas without worrying about getting hit by passing vehicles.

How can we utilize this opportunity?

Experts and activists are using this opportunity to spread awareness about the urgency of changing our societal structure if we are to save ourselves from the changing climate, but no government official has paid any attention yet.

It is important to realize that once the pandemic is over, and society gets back to its old ways, we are doomed for sure. This virus is, but only a delay for the incoming crisis.

If the government does not take any action on battling climate change, there will be other pandemics soon enough, and that means more shutdowns to come. If we don’t take it seriously, our coming generation will surely suffer.

It is a long process, but if we start doing something to reverse and avoid climate change, it will definitely help us in clearing through future crises that are just around the corner.