Some hero in London street-parks their Volvo Sugga !! Check out the details more !!

Check out one of the coolest cars ever made by Volvo

Volvos are known to be discrete. They are known to have an overall square structure. It’s also difficult to get a Volvo between two cars that are parallel parked. Well, every Volvo except a Sugga, that is.

The Sugga’d official name is TP21, and it’s basically a PV831 sedan body and a motor that has been combined with a truck chassis and is also equipped with four-wheel-drive and lockable differentials. They were originally built for military purposes and were used as radio vehicles. According to a write-up at Hemmings, it’s said that over 700 models were built between 1953 and 1958.

This car was found in London earlier this month before all the lockdowns were initiated, and travel became impossible. The wealthy areas of London, such as Kensington, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Fitzrovia, etc. are a treasure trove of fancy vintage cars, which otherwise, you can only see online. Despite the general gloomy atmosphere of the incoming COVID-19 disaster, there were still interesting things to be found there, and among those was this car.

It’s still a wonder to find this car being parallel-parked. With all the sightlines and blindspots and let’s not forget a very unsynchronized gearbox, it takes an expert to maneuver it into such a position without crashing into other cars.

One can’t help but marvel at its unique style and not mention that interior with all the levers, handles, and that dashboard. It’s unique and definitely a sight to see. Props to the Swedes for coming up with this design and making it look much better than the average military truck. I should add it to my bucket list to drive one of these one days.