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SpaceX slated to launch more Starlink satellites amid astronomer concerns about light pollution.

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Launch of new StarLink satellites –

So, according to the news, space X is actually now aimed at the launch of its fourth batch of Starlink satellites on the morning of Wednesday. They had actually postponed many missions before that. The Hawthorne is actually California based aerospace company. This is targeting a 9:06 a.m and Eastern liftoff time from Space Launch, which is  Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, which is in Florida. The payload is 60 more Starlink satellites that would bring the constellations around 240.

The chief of space X named Elon Musk, he recently also tweeted that .” One way or another, we’ll make sure Starlink doesn’t inhibit new discoveries or change the character of the night sky.” Actually, space X is already working on the problem and also testing on an experimental darkening treatment on one satellite, which is in the Starlink batch, and it will reduce the reflection.

Why this mission got postponed?

This mission actually got postponed several times and not because of technical issues, but this launch has been pushed back due to some weather in the recovery area as well as strong upper-level winds. The company had actually started this mission with the launch of two prototype microsatellite, which is dubbed as Tintin A and also Tintin B in February of 2018.

This company had actually launched approximately 60 Starlink satellites in the may previous year and also joined by more than 60 more in November. The company had been gotten approval from the federal communications commission; this is needed to launch around 12000 satellites.

They have launched this into low earth orbit and also has completed the paperwork for more than 30000. Only 8500 satellites have launched so far till now. This project will definitely go to increase the number of launches and also would definitely multiply the man-made equipment related to space.

Reetika Kachchhwa