Spectrum Cable Provider creates network issues in Europe. I hope they get solved soon.

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Cable Provider Spectrum was initially facing outage issues in Los Angeles. Fortunately, the issue has now been fixed.

The company has confirmed on Twitter that the service has been fully set in the Los Angeles area. They thanked the audience for their patience. Because of the Wuhan based Coronavirus outbreak, so many people had been sent to work from home. That’s why the internet is facing so many usages.

This has affected the internet network in Europe. Both Netflix and Amazon came on a conclusion not to stream movies in 4K High definition. They prefer to use a bandwidth version of the data. Unfortunately, problems are being endured even in television services.

The finest example is that of Spectrum. Outage issues have been reported in Atlanta, Orlando, and New York. Recently fires gutted out Spectrum’s wire. As a result, Los Angeles had to fall prey to the incident, and the same issues were reported there.

After the issues are solved, you can try the Spectrum TV Packages. The Packages are available in three categories of

TV Select at a price of $44.99 with 125 + channels count.

TV Silver at a price of $69.99 with 175+ channel count.

TV Gold at a price of $89.99 with 200+ channel count.

Yes, the prices might seem a little high. Spectrum, unfortunately, is not offering any senior discounts. But the low-income groups can take the aid of internet assisted programs. You can fulfill most of your requirements via that.

Spectrum also gives you the advantage of a late payment fee. There is no hassle in payment; you get a long grace period in clearing the amount. The maximum number of days to which they are stretching is thirty. Thirty days after the due date to pay your bill! But if you miss paying after such a long time gap also, you are going to be charged with a mere amount of $8.95 late fee.