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Spider Ninja MK3 Ninja outfit is a LIT and fans cant get enough of this Mortal Kombat Inspired Suit!!!

Spider-Man’s arvel maybe would have released well over a year ago, but there’s still a ton of PS4 players who play it religiously and who can blame them: it’s one of the top games in 2018. The photo mode of the game, which isn’t only robust with its offer, but is perfect for capturing and worshiping the incredibly detailed designs of the game, is one of the things which has kept the attention of many of the players.

However, you can just look at a few dozen suits so many times before the stuff gets slightly boring, so many players have made it their own. Some of them take preexisting suits and combine them from scratch with completely original designs. Though, nobody does that better than Mosheeno, an artist who, since the game’s launch, has produced different suits. The artist’s very latest combines the Spidey mask with the Mortal Kombat 3 subzero suit. As a result, they call the Spider Ninja MK3 a ninja outfit.

A little like a homage to Scorpion looks like the final product. Whether or not this is unclear but Mosheeno did not only build the suit in recent times. Recently they also made a morphed suit combining the Scarlett Spider 2, the Secret War, and the Velocity. Of course, you’ll follow Mosheeno on Instagram, where you regularly share his latest creations, if you’re in these designs.⠀