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Sprint Launches Smartwatch for kids that is having these features which every parent needs for the safety of their children.

By Reetika Kachchhwa

New device WatchMeGo –

So basically, as the name suggests, WatchMeGo is a kind of small device of watch that will be targeting those children who are aged between 4 years to 12 years. So actually this is very helpful for the parents to track and as well as monitor the location of their child in a real-time. Well, for records, this is not the first-ever smartwatch.

Before that, many watches were made, and like others, this smartwatch will be including an SOS button that allows the child so that they can alert their parents. But this watch also helps for sending as well as receiving the voice and also text messages.

How this works –

So what you have to do is that the watch can pair with a smartphone with the help of a devoted app which is known ad the kingdom. You can access features such as alerts whenever a child exits a predefined zone. Then with the help of this, the parents can alert their children whenever they step outside the safety zone.

Sprint has presented the point of view, explains “WatchMeGo works on the Sprint LTE network only.WatchMojo may NOT work in LTE extended coverage (roaming).

If you’re traveling domestically or internationally, you can always check the location and get alerts from a linked child’s WatchMeGo if it is still located in the United States or Puerto Rico and on the Sprint 4G LTE network.”

There are two different colours available in one size. This basically now available with a 400mAh battery and also contains 512 MB RAM. The display is of 1.39 inch and also this is protected by gorilla glass.

This is just available in two different colours that are blue and red, and in just one 48mm size. This is the best gift for children as you can track their activities.

Reetika Kachchhwa