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Steam Labs’ play next feature recommended games from your existing backlog. Gives you your interested games.

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Now available backlog of games –

Now there is good news for those who used steam. Steam has actually introduced a new system to help the users in which the user got help to get through their own backlog of games they really wanna play.

Every player those have a steam account; they definitely know the abundance of games they have installed. So basically, what is this feature? This is, according to the news, is not the first but the eighth operation to charm the digital launcher.

So basically, in this feature, which is the “play next” feature, its main work is to recommend the players what game the player wants to play, which will be based on games that they have unplayed in the player’s library.

Before this feature, there is also an experiment number 7, which has not been released yet, but it’s work started before play next, and this is not Ready yo use yet. Also, there is no news about this on its official website.

New features in the game –

So, according to the sources, what valve has explained that this feature actually makes the use of the same technology, which actually powers the interactive recommender.

This feature will use your steam play history so that they got an idea of what you are interested in, and it will bring personalized recommendations to your page of the steam store.

In this feature, you will be shown only three recommendations of the game, and also you can load more after that. And also, if you want to see what this game is all about, you can definitely check its trailer, it will provide you with the basic information, and the short micro trailer is available.

You can see what the game looks like. This game is actually very interesting and checks it on its official website for more detailed information.

Reetika Kachchhwa