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Tesla’s rise has sparked an electric revolution

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Let’s know a little about Tesla –

So basically, it is an American automotive and energy company that is centered in Palo Alto, CA. This company specializes in manufacturing electric cars. It also operates multiple productions. The South African entrepreneur who has actually used a combination of his salesmanship as well as ruthlessness to achieve in his dream. He was ambitious for Tesla, which was actually considered to be a master plan in 2006. Then here comes Elon Musk, he actually invested his own money and connected personal connections of his to keep this business growing even in hard times. The growth of Tesla has actually been on hight because of access to the capital. Elon Musk’s personal branding helped to tackle the problem and solve them n

Despite some skepticism about the sustainability of Tesla’s soaring valuation, the company has met key milestones: deliveries of its breadwinner Model 3 rose to nearly 301,000 in 2019 from 146,000 in 2018, and a new Chinese factory has begun production. Notwithstanding share price volatility, the outlook in short to medium term is positive. Tesla continues to benefit from its early-mover advantage; traditional carmakers have yet to come up with anything competitive. VW’s CEO recently warned the German company would have to “slaughter some sacred cows”

and transform itself into a technology company to survive the upheaval in the industry.

Tesla believers, however, would do well to entertain some doubt. History is littered with examples of dominant founders who over-reached themselves, as well as ones who, like Steve Jobs of Apple, built lasting businesses that survived without them. Mr. Musk’s ambition knows no bounds: not just electric cars, but revolutions in solar power, tunneling, public transport, commercial space exploration and, naturally, a colony on Mars, are all on the agenda. But building Tesla into a profitable mainstream car company is still Mr. Musk’s best shot at a truly enduring legacy.

Reetika Kachchhwa