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The Good Smile Company flourishes – the Winter Wonder Festival with its various models this winter!


The Winter Wonder Festival 2020, which is held in Japan, features a semi-annual exhibition of resin models of video game characters. They are made from garage kits.

Who designs these models?

These models are designed by professionals, amateurs. They are designed very thoroughly so that fans and dedicated collectors can enjoy them minutely. The works vary from too hot and cute female characters to sword-wielding nightmares.
Many models are under the copyright tagline. Still, companies allow them to be sold without any charges. This festival is held for only one day twice a year. It runs from 10 am to 5 pm. The entrance is ¥2,500.

Garage kits are the most important models of these festivals. They feature amateur produced figures generally made in small quantities. They respect all original and pre-existing characters.

Once you enter the festival ground, you can walk around the whole day and get a sight of your favorite figure companies booth. Click as many pictures you want. See figures of characters before they are released.

These models are even up for sale. You can pre-order them via sites like AmiAmi.In fact, Goodsmile Company puts the exclusive Festival figures for sale every year. You should not miss this show because the garage kit floor is the main highlighting feature of this festival.

Start following newly released figures online and keep up with Wonder Festival. There are bloggers who tweet a lot about them on Twitter. You get to see photos of the big new figure releases. Since the garage kits are not available online and they make the most part of the festival, this is for sure the part you will make the trip out to Wonder Festival soon!

The Good Smile Company thinks for its buyers!

The  Good Smile Company has put a number of figures on sale. They are based on Atlus games. The Aegis Rim: 13 Sentinels are getting two figures. One is an Iori Fuyusaka Nendoroid, while the other is a Megumi Yakushiji figure.
A Shin Megami Tensei BlackJack Frost Nendoroid figure also appeared. Persona 5’s Crow Figma painted prototype was the main attraction. Also, a figure of Atlus parent company Sega’s Crymaria, from Valkyria Chronicles 4, is under photosynthesis.

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