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Three Space Craft Need to Leave for Mars in The Next Two Weeks or Until 2022- Tap to Explore more details

By Dhenakar VP

By this time next year, Mars will be continuing humming sound (abuzz) with robotic activity.

That occurs because of three countries sending spacecraft to the red planet (mars) this month.

In the end weeks of July, the US, China, and the United Arab Emirates all aim to rocket rovers into space.

Moreover, NASA already sent five rovers to the red planet (mars) in the past. Although this will be China’s and UAE’s first attempt.

The robots are expected to make the first map of the Mars climate drill into Mars’s surface.

Also, search for signs of long-dead microbes that may once develop in Martian valleys and riverbeds.

These missions could find the first footprints life on another planet.

These launches scheduled for this month to reach Mars as it passes close to Earth. If they miss this kind of chance,

they won’t have another opportunity to launch until 2022.

Russia and the European Space Agency also planned to send a rover to Mars this year. But it behind back after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Probably they will try again in two years.

NASA’s Perseverance rover:


Engineers began to build Perseverance two years ago at NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory California.

Earlier it was named as the Mars 2020 Rover.

NASA already aims to run into some of the schedules but it pushed behind back twice. Now NASA schedule on August 15.

The Emirates Hope Probe:

The Hope orbiter is the Arab world’s first mission to another planet. The probe joins six other spacecraft that Mars orbit.

China’s Rover:

After the recent success of rover to moon’s orbit China’s National Space Administration taking space robots next planetary.

Moreover, China did not announce the launch date yet.

Dhenakar VP