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Venus is the only other planet in solar system with active volcanoes

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Are volcanoes are presented on planet Venus-

According to the Magellan spacecraft back in 1990, they spotted that planet. Venus actually has volcanoes, as well as lava, flows on its surface. This was not confirmed that the volcano is ancient or recent. So the researchers research this by using the available data from the Venus Express orbiter and come to the conclusion the volcanoes are just a few years old and which shows that also these volcanoes are actually active. According to the results that they got from the studies of Venusian mineral, olivine, which actually reacts in the atmosphere which turns into coated with iron oxide mineral. The scientists, according to their observations, conclude that the lava flows to recent times.

On this contrary, Dr. Justin Filiberto, he is the study’s lead author and a universities space research association short for USRA staff scientist at the Lunar and Planetary institute that is LPI he commented that “If Venus is indeed active today, it will make a great place to visit to understand the interiors of planets better,” later on he added “for example, we could study how planets cool and why the Earth and Venus have active volcanism, but Mars does not. Future missions should be able to see these flows and changes in the surface and provide concrete evidence of its activity.”

Volcanoes on other planets –

According to the research of scientists, other planets also have volcanoes, but they also said that those volcanoes are not active lava-like presented on our own planet earth. Also, on Mars, scientists believe that there may also be liquid water available beneath the planets’ polar ice cap; many scientists also believe that there may be sources of heat that are also present on that planet. Scientists also say that volcanoes can be found on dwarf planets also.

Reetika Kachchhwa