What are the 5 Best site for real time video sharing ? Here are all details why ??

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A future of that video is a type of content that is extremely common across any social network is no longer feasible. Inexpensive technologies breached the obstacles for video editing and various ways of online video content sharing.

Live networking networks have been introducing online video broadcasting applications for the best part of a decade. Social networks needed to speed technology even further, as they had to promote video sharing.

In no special order, here is a list of the most common ones. There is a reasonable compromise you will consider for them.

Facebook Live

Facebook should not be a ghost of a social network if its members were not allowed to utilizing some sort of communication to connect. Nevertheless, the social network was particularly eager to give its users live content. Only a short time after Facebook Live was released, CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook claimed that Facebook would control video advertising within five years.


Twitter’s solution to enhanced live streaming is Periscope. Periscope arrives as a separate Android and iOS device, which is still used to boost the live streaming capabilities of the Twitter service.

Some might claim that Periscope was the reaction of Twitter to Facebook Live and that the two are very close, but Periscope is an entirely separate species that provides no other broadcasting applications for stuff.

YouTube Live

YouTube is currently the world’s most common website for video sharing. YouTube is known, among other things, for being the website where people watch video content for more than a billion hours a day. It’s also the website that offers you the status of the second most famous search engine in the world, with more analysis than traditional search engines.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a reaction to the live streaming craze with a change from the social network. So you should upload your video on your stories after you have created a live stream on Instagram, where it remains for 24 hours until it is removed.

LinkedIn Live

With its own LinkedIn Live Video Sharing service, LinkedIn is the most popular social network in the world of live streaming. A selection of chosen collaborators and affiliates is introduced in February 2019 through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn enabled network users to register for the LinkedIn Live broadcasters in the months following this beta test.