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What is it that has turned Linus Torvalds bitter towards Intel? What are the suggestions that he is offering them? Plunge here to have an amazing read!

By Priyanka Peddinti

I hope all the computer and tech geeks know what is Linux? Okay, so if you what Linux is, you must also be knowing who Linus Torvalds is? Okay, now coming to the crowd who does not the answers to the above asked two questions, let me answer them for you, and then we proceed towards the main articles for the day. Linux, number one, simply put, is an operating system just like Windows is. Albeit, it is used more for programming events. And for who Linux Torvalds is, he is the man who developed Linux as software, when he was in his college.

After all, this been said, let us now proceed towards the main article for today. Linus has told something very bitter towards Intel, Know Why? Well for Linus, he wants Intel to die a slow death. In a mail recording, Phoronix article it states that Intel is enabling Alder Lake and Saphire Rapids. This is where Linus Torvalds has chipped in. The Alder Lake directions are being flipped on GCC proper now. Intel is pursuing a subset supported by each of the small and enormous cores on the how’s and why’s of this new hybrid design that is currently under progress.

This dearth of AVX512 for Alder Lake and the former also losing out to the later was more than enough for Linus Torvalds to comment on this. This is why he said that he earnestly hopes AVX512 to die a slow and painful death so that Intel focuses on things that matter. And it turns its attention towards fixing issues. He hopes that is what Intel should do, to set ewer benchmarks for itself and those will look good on Intel acting as feathers on an already illustrious cap.

He adds more, saying that, Intel at this point should be going to the fundamentals and start doing basic things right. they should focus on a common code which is not HPC, or some other pointless or clueless case chase. Within the heyday of x86, Intel was laughing all along the way, killing all its competitors. However, coming to reality, Intel’s FP sucked efficiently.

After some more critical statements, Torvalds concludes by saying that, make all of the frequent stuff which people generally care about.

Priyanka Peddinti

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