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What is SEO? Quick Guide to Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO is one of the newest features that have been in use to promote social media marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is basically increasing the quality and quantity of visitors to a website through the Organic Search Results.

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SEO Working

Search Engines similar to Google work by crawling various sites across the internet. After the internet is crawled by a search engine, it results in an index.  This index is then fed into an “algorithm.”

This algorithm made to be more competitive since it is used in Google, which is one of the largest and most used search engines.

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The Google Algorithm

One must understand the concepts of algorithms as well as how the google search engine changed over the years.

An algorithm is nothing but a set of rules designed to solve a problem in a finite number of steps. This means that the platform uses a very specific set of rules to figure out the most appropriate search results for each query.


SEO Keywords

These are the key terms that can possibly be searched up by users on the search engine. SEO tools come in various forms. To find out what kind of SEO tool you need, you should first analyze what you need a  Search Engine Optimization Tool for. A few features which are once of the most wanted are  Backlink Audit, Traffic Analyzer, Keyword Explorer, Site Audit, and Project Module.


SEO strategies

Search Engine optimization can become extremely competitive, especially since everyone wants their website in the top tier of the google search.

Keyword analysis

A keyword analysis is one of the crucial parts of Search Engine Optimization. Without analyzing the trends of the search volume, its easy to get caught up in content for hours and find out that no one saw the content.


There are various other methods to optimize the search to have a better user response.

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