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Why Epic Games Store-Exclusive Games Are Good For Developers

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Epic games – Nintendo and SEGA

There are many big video games industries. With the new firms, in 1990, Nintendo and SEGA were made their place in public. Also, steam, which was designed to be one of the digital platforms that actually allows Valve to push automatic updates to some of their games which is online. One example is a counter strike. This is one of the great platforms, and with this, Valve wanted to keep evolving steam. With its popularity in 2005, Valve was set to sell its third-party game on computers as well as personal computers.

How much it’s earned –

With the years went on, there is very much influence over the games on personal computers that are distributed in the market; this survived many competitive companies that want it to take it down. Steam earned many profits. In 2017 it had earned an almost estimated $4.5 billion dollars and about $1 billion dollars according to the third party analytical fire steam spy figure of 2016. It has so much of the market share and had come to dominate the computer gaming market. It has the capability to outlast any competition.

Moreover, in the past year, there was an entry of competitors, and it’s one of the main motives is to disrupt the hold that steam has on the computer gaming market almost for two decades. This Epic games store was basically first launched in 2018 in December. It actually promised a much larger revenue share for the developers more than the steam.  Epic Games store is actually launched by the parent company, which is of unreal engine and Fortnite. Virtually, steam uncontested gone for almost about 20 years. The epic games store is basically a digital video game that develope for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Epic Games have actually planned to expand the feature set of the storefront by discussion and also by the reviews of the users.

Reetika Kachchhwa