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Why the Jeff Bezos phone hack is a wake-up call for the powerful ??

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Is your personal information safe?

One of the world’s most powerful businessman’s WhatsApp account got hacked, and if his information is nice than anything can happen to anyone. Well, according to the news, it says that Jeff Bezos’s iPhone X was actually got hacked by the personal account, which is used by Mohammed bin Salman who is actually a crown prince of Saudi Arabia. This incident actually warned everyone, especially those who are at a high level.

How it happened –

Well, how did this happen, so basically, according to the news, the first and foremost thing that involve in this is social engineering. This has the power to fetch all the information which is important for them and how the personal network operates. This is dangerous for everyone because no one wants their personal, as well as professional information, disclose in front of everyone.

“Attacks like this play on weaknesses in the human operating system that can’t easily be patched” –
This is a very powerful statement and also the weakness of Humans. The next weakness is actually explained by Bezos hack, and he said that anyone could be ready to do anything if they know how to hack when you offer them money. This is actually named as cyber weapons, which can be used against anyone. The expert of security named Bruce Schneier actually compares it to any other branch of any international arms industry. When investigating going on, Benzos’s investigators reported that they could not identify what kind of virus has been installed on his smartphone. This can be done by either the hacking team or the NSO group. This was a majority that is actually owned by the silicon valley, which is private equity firm Francisco Partners.
So, you have to be careful about your information and data. You can use a strong password and should install antivirus.
Reetika Kachchhwa