Working from Home? The best pro-techs that will help your productivity rise a notch up!

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The COVID-19 outbreak has been majorly impactful on many industries for over three months as of now, and it has recently forced many companies, including our tech giants, to ask their employees to work from home. As easy as it sounds, work from home requires a particular setup. The biggest issue in this process is that people have office space at home, but they lack the smart tech and arrangement of the same to convert the office space into a productive plane.

Apart from the necessary equipment that one requires for home office- laptop/desktop and an internet connection, we have compiled a handy list of work from the home tech that will take care of your productivity and relaxation at the same time!

Jumper EZpad Laptop

This is a very lightweight, feature-filled, and friendly to a pocket computer, which is versatile enough to double up as a tablet as well as a laptop. You can clip the screen onto the keyboard, or just take the screen with you if that’s all you need while moving around the house.

Laptop Stand

After being habituated to working on computers with proper table height, it can be challenging to work on laptops for long hours that may lead to neck sprain and eye strain. Ta-da! Laptop Stand is very rewarding and productive as it will raise the height of your laptop while providing a proper slope for typing, giving the exact comfort to your body!

Amazon Echo

Working from home is much enjoyed when you combine music with your work so that you stay motivated through the rhythms! Amazon Echo is just the answer!  Use Alexa’s voice control to get the work grooving and maybe pitch it down a little when the boss is overcall. (oops!)

 Brookstone Beverage Warmer

Why make multiple trips to the kitchen to freshen just a cup of coffee? This warmer will keep the coffee warm through all the lengthy Skype sessions with boss and colleagues.

Henry Desk Vacuum

This little cordless guy sits on your desk and makes it easy to sweep up crumbs as you munch and work.

Belkin WeMo Switch

No need to leave your desk for turning off the coffee pot or to turn on a light or view net-cam. These handy switches can quickly turn any appliance or light into a smart device.


Don’t interrupt your workings just to make green tea, coffee, or cocoa. This wi-fi connected kettle gets the hot water started through your smartphone commands, so it’s ready by the time you are done.

 WalkStation Desk

That spine needs some movement, right? This treadmill gives you the option to walk at a slow pace while you work, burning calories throughout the day. Work and workout!

Ring Smart Doorbell

This Ring helps you see your guest when someone rings the doorbell, which is very coming very handy in situations when unwanted guests arrive without warning!

Celle Chair

The supportive chair is much needed if you are going to be spending some serious time at your desk. It will conform to your size and give your spine neck and shoulders the support they need.

With such handy tools and tech, give your work-from-home a good makeover!