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You can get the $45 discount on today’s Amazon Paper White

By Deeksha Arora

Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular Amazon e-reader on offer. At present, that figure is just about $85, which is $45 off the initial price of $130, and Kindle Unlimited for three free months, which would usually amount to $30. This is the same offer you would have on Black Friday, and probably the lowest price until Prime Day.

Kindle Paperwhite is a light, thin e-reader with a fine display that looks like real paper, not screen so the eyes, whether inside or outside, are strained and relaxed The new Kindle version is waterproof so that you can read without stressing splashing at the beach or in the bathroom.

It has 8 GB of storage for all your books, magazines, and audiobooks and is lasted for weeks. That’s right: Kindle PaperWhite now offers Audible, so you can switch from hearing and reading books seamlessly. This deal doesn’t take long, so please eat it before the next meeting of your book club. Treat yourself to the charging case of a pair of Apple AirPods while on sale in Amazon at $130.

It is a clear resolution of 300 pixels per inch on the flat screen. You don’t have to worry about getting to the beach or pool. It also has an integrated backlight, which means that you can read easily in the dart. The battery lasts six weeks as a bonus, and you rarely have to load it just like a regular book.

Deeksha Arora