YouTube’s series on AI is finally available….

Our first Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, is back with a series on YouTube on Artificial Intelligent (A.I). You know it when Robert Downey Jr is on the screen it hits the fan and this he has come to teach you about Jarvis and Ultron, so it’s going to be something special.

The name of the series is The Age of A.I. and having eight episodes. The series is produced, hosted as well as narrated by nonother than Robert Downey Jr himself. It is an educational series on what can happen in the future with the use of A.I. The series is as realistic as possible and focuses on its possible uses for humans.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligent is on the rise, and there are several possibilities coming with it. Everyone has a question regarding it, and the shows try its best to answer as much of those questions as possible with each episode.

About the show

Right from the start, Robert Downey Jr tries to bust myths about machine learning and artificial intelligence, all the while charming you and your mother. The show also tells you about the latest advancement in this field.

RDJ’s better half and partner in crime Susan Downey talked about the show back in 2018 and said, “Robert and I share a curiosity for A.I., a complicated and often polarizing subject. Our aim is to explore A.I. through a lens of objectivity and accessibility, in a thoroughly bold, splashy, and entertaining way. We’re thrilled to bring this project to life along with Network Entertainment, Sonar, and YouTube Red.”

We are expecting from RJD to say “Jarvis Call Pepper,” and that would be wonderful.

Best part it’s all free

Its Good for as that Google decided to make YouTube Original free to watch so you don’t need a premium account to watch the series. Episodes will be coming one per weak, but it’s not the same for premium and normal subscribers as premium subscribers can binge-watch the show.

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