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A MUM- OF- THREE escaped a great White Shark by Punching it in the Eye after it dragged her 30 Feet Underwater

A mum of three escaped from a great shark by punching it!

Leeanne Ericson 38, swimming off California’s San Onofre beach while her boyfriend Dusty Philips surfed nearby her.

Talking about the 2017 incident for National Geographic’s annual two weeks Sharkfest season,

She described the moment that she realized something was appear in the water below her.

Moreover, she said that “It was so beautiful that weekend. The water was so blue and sparkly.”

Also, she added that “We had noticed a sea lion surfaced to my left and looking right at us and I looked at my Dusty and said ‘The sea lion looks a little panicked to me’.

“And right away he goes down under the water. So I start to swim back toward the shore”

Within two seconds the white shark clamped onto the top of Leeanne’s right leg and starts to drag her below.

Furthermore, she added, “As soon the shark grabbed my right leg moreover I knew what it was.”

“I remember it being pulled down and thinking about my kids.”

“Ans also I remember about my fiance not aware where I was or what happening to me.”

“I went below over 25-30 feet. I notice the light change and my vision getting darker further I was going down.”

A Loud Scream:

Dusty described “It was a piercing scream I had ever heard. It disappeared.”

“I turned and look around there wasn’t a ripple.”

The animal that attacked Leeanne is a juvenile great white and experts say it probably a sea lion.

Leeanne managed to struggle free after clawing at the shark’s face and punching it in the eye.

She said that “My whole hand went into shark’s eye and stuck it in as far”

“The shark then away from me and I swim back to the surface.”