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The reality show, 90 Day Fiance is always questioned about being real or fake. Check out what’s true and what’s fake on the show here.

By Shailly Panwar

90 Day Fiance is an American reality television series, the show is running since 2014 concluding 7 seasons so far. TLC’s 90 Day Fiance is about couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa(it is for foreign fiance of U.S. citizens) and the title got justified here as the K-1 visa couples have only 90 days to marry each other. 90 Day Fiance is always spiraled in controversies, the major among them is that of the show being scripted.  We are here with everything related to the controversy, check out.

>Is 90 Day Fiance Fake?

The show having a unique concept of 90 days of quarantine is a fan-favorite reality series and also a fan favorite controversy. The idea of love transcending all boundaries and borders of nations is beautifully portrayed in the love. At the end of the show, either the couple tie the knot or they part their ways. 90 Day Fiance is facing the question of whether it is real or fake since its debut in 2014. Many allegations are stating that the show is scripted.

Alon Ornstein, the senior Vice President of TLC’s production said in the show’s defense that the show is authentic and the couples of the show are not actors. The show is all about people looking for ‘the one’ and only the real and natural behavior of the people is portrayed in the show. Another star of the show Anfisa Arkhipchenko also clarified the same on her recent Instagram post.

>What’s true and what’s fake on the show?

The purpose of the show is to make two people know each other and find their life partner in 90 days. Many people claim that the show hired actors but this is false, the couples in the show are real people, though sometimes the show reaches out to some people, and sometimes it also features immigration attorneys.

The production house conduct background checks on all the people selected and almost every one of them has some sort of history and a shady past, so some part of their story is tweaked according to the show’s concept. The pairs are real but the details of their background, relationship are often hidden or exaggerated to suit the show’s storyline purposes.

Shailly Panwar