Chrisley Family Drama Continues as Kailyn Lowry Lends Support to Lindsie Chrisley in her Recent Tweet..!!

By Hitesh Rane

Lindsie Chrisley (26), is the eldest of the Chrisley kids. Her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley were accused of tax evasion and financial fraud recently. Kailyn Lowry, a 27-year-old American TV persona, who is also a creator and public speaker recently supported her friend in private as her parents Todd and Julie turned themselves in and plead that the charges were false. The couple faces as much as 30 years imprisonment in the event that the charges are discovered to be true.

How Bad Was The Controversy For Lindsie..?

The controversy was just another blow for Lindsie was already on bad terms with her dad. Todd had been acting tough with her ever since she married her boyfriend, Will. The couple had experienced many ups and downs and had eventually filed for divorce. However, they were pushing the dates when realized that what they were about to do was a grave mistake. Todd was tough on Lindsie as she had married her boyfriend by keeping her father in the dark. He wasn’t pleased with it and was more furious after Lindsie gave birth to her first child. Lindsie was clearly on bad terms with her parents and was often threatened by them.

Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley are the finest pals. When this controversy surfaced, Kailyn Lowry broke her silence and tweeted showing support for her buddy. After all, this is what all good friends do, support, and stand for each other in the best and the worst of times. She tweeted that she had been contacted by numerous media agencies concerning the case in opposition to the Chrisley family. She added further that Lindsie is her one and solely concern in this unlucky scenario, and she’s supporting her privately as she navigates via this tough time.

Lindsie with her husband and child

Todd and Julie turned themselves to the  U. S Marshals recently and had been appearing regularly in the court. There were rumors that the origin of the info that led to the controversy was Lindsie herself. However, the official statement says otherwise that Lindsie was not the origin and briefs that she is “processing the events that have unfolded.”

Fans can now hear the new episodes of Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley’s podcast Coffee Convos Thursdays.

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Hitesh Rane