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Possible Connections between Black Oil and Ice in The X Files series

The fictional American drama, The X Files features many interesting things. Two of them are Ice and Black Oil. Ice is itself an episode in the first season, but black oil appears from the third season. The X Files show is running since 1993. It has released eleven seasons with 218 episodes.

Similarities between Ice and Black Oil

Mysterious Black Oil is often involved in the central alien mythology arc, The X Files. It seems that Black Oil and Ice have some connection with each other as related by many fans. The black featured as a substance tied to the aliens is an imminent threat as it seeks to colonize Earth by wiping out humanity. It was rare to survive or restored back to normal when infected with black oil once also. However, there is not much information about the black oil it is traced back even before the appearance of humans on Earth.

There are no first-hand accounts for black oil, but only what is seen or shown in the series. So it is inconsistent on the show as to what it does, especially about the infection and killing. Now, fans are noticing a striking similarity between the infectious substance and the operation of the parasite worms in Ice episode. So, it seems that there might be a connection although Black Oil did not appear officially until season 3.

Possible Connections between Black Oil and Ice in The X Files series

Reason for the connection  between Black Oil and Ice

In the Ice episode, two detectives encountered a species of parasitic worm that gets under one’s skin while investigating a remote Arctic research station. The worm is also considered to come from an alien origin via meteor to Earth just like the black oil. The worm can also manipulate and control the behavior of the host just like the black oil. But, both things do their control in different ways.

A black, oil-like substance comes out of the body of the host when the worm is forcibly taken out. It is assumed that black oil has encountered the parasitic worms in the past and took over it fully since black oil also has the ability to control life forms.