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Reboot of Disney’s Hannah Montana is in line for Miley Cyrus may be in future!!!

There is a possibility that the Disney show Hannah Montanna may have the possibility of rebooting. This news has been given by Miley Cyrus in August about the character that made her famous. She may also return for the show in the Hannah Montanna’s character. The news looks very promising and unbelievably exciting. The best of both worlds is possibly ready to may have been given to fans by reprising the role of Hannah Montanna.

Miley Cyrus about her role as Hannah Montanna

The interesting news about the possibility of returning to Hannah Montanna is given during an interview on the radio show of Carolina With Greg T In The Morning of August. Miley was asked about her opinion of the revival of Hannah Montanna that brought her to stardom. She revealed that she tried to put the Hannah Montanna wig all the time. Miley said that she is ready to whip her out and she is only collecting dust in the storage. She would definitely like to resurrect the character at some point in time and the chances will present itself.

Earlier this year Miley also previously reunited with Emily Osment who was one of her co-stars in Hannah Montanna on her Instagram Live talk show, Bright Minded.

Reboot of Disney's Hannah Montana is in line for Miley Cyrus may be in future!!!

What more did Miley Cyrus talk about?

Miley told that Hannah Montanna is kinda stuck in 2008 so she will be needing a big makeover and for that shopping is also required with Hannah Montanna. She also said about loving to do again a television series. In the series Hannah Montanna, Miley struggles to live two lives, one as high school student Miley Stewart and the other as a secret pop star named Hannah Montana by night.

Miley further said,” I think it would be hard for me to get locked into a sound stage for a couple of years, but that’s sometime in the future and hopefully I’m directing it.”