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Denver Broncos Might Cut 10 Players Off Before Training Camp! WHY? Check It Out Here!!

By Harsh Vardhan

The Denver Broncos are on the verge of making roster changes before the commencement of their training camp. It was informed by the NFLPA on a call that NFL rosters are tentatively going to have 80 players. This means that there might be 10 cuts for Denver. After the draft ended the team signed seven free agents and some of them might be cut off before the camp starts.

Broncos’ Current Situation

The Broncos signed, wide receiver Zimari Manning, quarterback Riley Neal, wide receiver Kendall Hinton, running back Levante Bellamy, offensive lineman Hunter Watts, cornerback Essang Bassey, and safety Douglas Coleman. Out of these 7 players, Coleman and Bassey might cut. Bassey was amongst the top drafted free agents available. Out of 90 members present in the Broncos’ crew, 53 will remain by the end of the training camp.

If the team stalls for a month, it will result in the team splitting the team into two batches of 45 which they can’t facilitate. Considering we have two groups, the first will be consisting of rookies, first-year players, quarterbacks, and rehabilitating injury veterans. Whereas the other group will have veterans and quarterbacks. The second group is still undecided and will be finalized by the head coach “Vic Fangio” and John Elway.

What’s Next for Denver?

According to an NFL memo,

The four preseason games planned for Denver will stand canceled which were to be telecasted on channel 20. The padded practices will be limited to 14 which will commence on 14th August. The opening practice can be of 90 minutes and further practice can have an extra 15 minutes until the time reaches 2 hours and 30 minutes. These changes were all because of COVID-19 and were negotiated in the USA. The authorities are not willing to take any risk in these scenarios and are putting safety and social distancing first.

Harsh Vardhan