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Doctor KILLED Her Husband With Pistol In Front Of Their Children!!! SHOCKING REASON behind the murder!!!

By Suvam Prasad

Yeah, you have heard right about the news. We always get jaws dropping news regarding murder or something else. This time we get another jaw-dropping strange murder news where a female doctor named Kathleen Jordan killed her husband with a gun in front of her little children. And the husband died right way in front of his children.

The doctor was 31 years working old lady. She shot her husband named Joshua, 35 years old guy, in front of her children. For sure, the moment was very scary, and the children may be in shock when they saw their mother killed their father. Now you people must be thinking about the reason – why she killed her husband? Maybe he had an affair with someone else? Reason for murder could be money related?.

The actual reason as to why the female doctor killed her husband is pretty much bizarre as the incident itself. She killed her husband because her husband gave her a ‘look’.

When did the actual problem start?

The murder or incident happened on June 17 near Scottsbluff. Before the incident, the couples were driving their pickup truck near a highway in Nebraska. They were happily driving back from Scottsbluff near Interstate 80 where had been plotting to relocate.

Joshua, the doctor’s husband was driving the truck, and couples were arguing with some issue. Joshua stopped the truck nearby and called a friend to resolve the issue. However, during the call, Joshua gave her a ‘look’ and started to raise his arm as if to hit her. Kathleen was shocked, and in response, she pulled out a pistol from the car’s console and shot him twice. Kathleen told the police that she got scared for her own life and lives of her children so, she had to kill her husband. During the incident, their two sons were sitting inside the vehicle.

Photo by Benjamin Balázs on Unsplash

What happened after the incident?

After the incident, Kathleen Jordan herself called the police, and she was standing near the truck. The police checked the murder spot and found the dead body inside the driver seat. The police arrested Kathleen for her crime charged her with second-degree murder. On Wednesday, the court said that she has to pay 10% of her $1 million bail money, then she can visit in Nebraska after surrendering her passport. As of now, their children are in protective custody.

Suvam Prasad