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Best Lucario Moveset in Pokemon GO: Unleash the Ultimate Power and Dominate Raids!

Best Lucario moveset in Pokemon GO

Best Lucario Moveset in Pokemon GO

Best Lucario Moveset in Pokemon GO

In the world of Pokemon GO, having a powerful and well-equipped Lucario can make a significant difference in battles. With its unique Fighting & Steel typing and powerful moves, Lucario can be a valuable asset to any trainer. In this article, we will explore the best moveset for Lucario in Pokemon GO, step by step, to help you unleash its full potential. So, let’s dive in!

Understanding Lucario – The Fighting & Steel Pokemon

To fully comprehend the best moveset for Lucario, it’s essential to understand the characteristics and strengths of this unique Pokemon. Lucario is a Fighting & Steel-type Pokemon, which means it has both defensive and offensive capabilities. Its dual typing grants it resistance to a variety of attacks, while also allowing it to deal significant damage to its opponents.

Lucario’s Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Fighting & Steel-type Pokemon, Lucario has specific strengths and weaknesses that you need to consider when building its moveset. It excels against Pokemon of Normal, Rock, Ice, Dark, Steel, and Fairy types. However, it is particularly vulnerable to moves of Fire, Fighting, and Ground types. Keeping these strengths and weaknesses in mind, we can determine the optimal moveset that capitalizes on Lucario’s advantages and minimizes its vulnerabilities.

Building the Best Lucario Moveset

Fast Moves – The Foundation of Lucario’s Attacks

When choosing the best moveset for Lucario, it’s crucial to select the right Fast Move that enables effective energy generation and deals substantial damage. After careful analysis, the two most viable options are:

Move Type
Counter Fighting
Bullet Punch Steel

Counter – Unleashing Powerful Strikes

Counter is a Fighting-type Fast Move that packs a punch in terms of both damage and energy generation. It allows Lucario to hit hard against a wide range of opponents while quickly building up energy for devastating Charged Moves.

Bullet Punch – Steel Precision

If you prefer a Steel-type Fast Move for Lucario, Bullet Punch is a solid choice. While it doesn’t possess as much damage potential as Counter, it offers a Steel-type coverage that can be advantageous in certain matchups.

Charged Moves – Unleashing Lucario’s Arsenal

With the Fast Move selected, it’s time to equip Lucario with the most effective Charged Moves. We recommend the following moves for their versatility and damage potential:

Move Type
Aura Sphere Fighting
Close Combat Fighting
Flash Cannon Steel
Power-up Punch Fighting
Shadow Ball Ghost

Aura Sphere – The Ultimate Fighting Move

Aura Sphere is undoubtedly one of the strongest Charged Moves for Lucario. With its high damage output, Fighting-type STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), and relatively low energy per use, Aura Sphere allows Lucario to obliterate opponents weak to Fighting-type moves.

Close Combat – High Risk, High Reward

Close Combat is a powerful fighting-type move that inflicts substantial damage but comes with a debuff to Lucario’s defense. It is recommended to charge enough energy to unleash two consecutive Close Combats for maximum impact, rather than using it immediately when available.

Flash Cannon – Steel Precision

For matchups where Steel-type moves are advantageous, Flash Cannon can be a solid choice. It ensures that Lucario has a well-rounded moveset and provides additional coverage against Pokemon resistant to Fighting-type attacks.

Power-up Punch – Baiting Shields and Boosting Attack

While Power-up Punch may not deal significant damage, it can be a valuable tool for baiting shields from opponents and applying an attack buff to Lucario. However, its poor damage output makes it less appealing for certain scenarios.

Shadow Ball – The Ghostly Surprise

Shadow Ball is a versatile move that provides mostly neutral coverage. It is particularly useful against Pokemon that resist Fighting-type damage. Consider adding Shadow Ball to your Lucario’s moveset to keep your opponents guessing!


Creating the best Lucario moveset in Pokemon GO requires careful consideration of its strengths, weaknesses, and available moves. By combining the potent Fast Moves Counter or Bullet Punch with the devastating Charged Moves Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Flash Cannon, Power-up Punch, or Shadow Ball, you can optimize Lucario’s performance in battles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any Legacy moves that are essential for Lucario?

No, Lucario does not currently have any Legacy moves that are considered essential for its moveset. Focus on the recommended moves listed above for the best battle performance.

2. Can Lucario be effective in Raids and Gym Battles?

Absolutely! Lucario’s combination of Fighting and Steel typing, along with its powerful moveset, allows it to excel in both Raid Battles and Gym Battles. Just make sure to choose the appropriate moveset based on the opponent’s weaknesses.

3. Which type of Pokemon should I use Lucario against in battles?

Lucario is most effective against Pokemon of Normal, Rock, Ice, Dark, Steel, and Fairy types. These matchups allow Lucario to deal super-effective damage and come out on top.

4. How can I obtain a Lucario in Pokemon GO?

Lucario evolves from Riolu, which can be obtained through hatching 7km eggs or occasionally appearing in raids. Once you have a Riolu, you will need 50 candies to evolve it into Lucario.

5. Can Lucario use any other Charged Moves that are not listed in the article?

Yes, Lucario has access to several other Charged Moves; however, the moves recommended in this article provide the best balance of damage