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Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini Latest News: A Night of Breakthrough Talent and Honors

Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini latest news
VENICE, ITALY - AUGUST 31: Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes attend the Variety And Golden Globes Party At Venice Film Festival, Presented by ILBE at Hotel Excelsior on August 31, 2023 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Victor Boyko/Variety via Getty Images)

Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini Latest News

Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini: The Latest News and Updates

When it comes to Hollywood, there are always new stories and exciting updates to keep up with. Today, we dive into the latest news regarding two prominent figures: Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini. These talented individuals have been making waves in their respective industries, captivating audiences with their skills and charm. In this article, we’ll explore their recent achievements, aspirations, and intriguing tidbits that showcase their dynamic personas. Let’s jump right in!

1. Rising Stars in Venice

The enchanting city of Venice recently played host to the Variety and Golden Globe Awards’ party, where both Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini were among the esteemed guests. The event, presented by Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment, celebrated breakthrough talent and excellence in Italian filmmaking under the moonlit sky.

2. Recognitions and Awards

A night of glamour and recognition ensued as Stokes and fellow actor Lukas Gage received breakthrough actor awards. Director Pablo Larraín was named the Venice Visionary, while director Saverio Costanzo was honored with the Italian Excellence award. Producers Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, known for their work in the film “Ferrari,” were also acknowledged with the breakthrough producers award.

2.1 Stokes and Gage Shine as Breakthrough Actors

Chase Stokes and Lukas Gage both basked in the limelight for their exceptional talent, earning acclaim as breakthrough actors in the industry. This recognition showcases their dedication, hard work, and promising future in the world of cinema.

2.2 Larraín’s Visionary Approach

Director Pablo Larraín’s creative vision has consistently pushed boundaries and captivated audiences. Being awarded the prestigious Venice Visionary award solidifies his position as a visionary filmmaker, inspiring aspiring directors around the world.

3. Humility and Gratitude

During the red carpet interview with Variety, Chase Stokes expressed his overwhelming gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him. He humbly recognized the incredible experiences he has encountered throughout his journey and gushed about the admiration he holds for his fellow peers in the industry.

3.1 Pinching Himself at Every Moment

While reflecting on his rapid rise to fame, Stokes confessed that he still can’t believe the remarkable opportunities he has been presented with. He considers it a privilege to stand alongside the accomplished individuals he looks up to and aspires to emulate.

3.2 Drawing Inspiration from Venice

As Stokes explored the beautiful city of Venice, he couldn’t help but draw parallels between the boat drivers he encountered and his iconic character in the hit series “Outer Banks,” John B. With a playful tone, he jokingly hinted that there may be hidden treasure awaiting him amidst the maze of the city’s canals.

4. Gage’s Message to the Industry

Lukas Gage, in his acceptance speech, took a moment to address the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike and voice his hopes for a fair deal. He emphasized the importance of actors and writers in creating captivating stories and urged the industry to find a resolution swiftly.

4.1 Gratitude and Support

Gage took a light-hearted approach during his speech, expressing comical gratitude to his partner, Chris Appleton, who was in attendance. His heartfelt words conveyed deep appreciation for the unwavering support he has received on his journey.

5. Celebrating Breakthrough Talents

One of the highlights of the evening was Nicolas Winding Refn presenting the breakthrough director award to Alice Diop, whom he praised as a rebel within the system. This recognition showcased the festival’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating fresh talents in the industry.

5.1 Homecoming for Larraín

Pablo Larraín shared his emotional connection with the Venice Film Festival, stating that it feels like home to him. Receiving the Venice Visionary award from esteemed director Ed Berger held great significance, inspiring Larraín to continue creating exceptional work.

6. Night of Celebration

Following the ceremony, celebrities, industry professionals, and guests gathered to celebrate the achievements of the evening. Sipping spritzes and dancing the night away, the atmosphere was filled with joy and a sense of camaraderie as everyone enjoyed the electrifying music.

6.1 Musical Journey through the Night

As the DJ spun a diverse mix of tunes, from Madonna’s “Hung Up” to Azealia Banks’ “212,” the night turned into a memorable experience, where artists, filmmakers, and fans united in celebration.

Conclusion: Continuing to Shine

Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini have proven time and again that they are forces to be reckoned with in their respective fields. Their accomplishments, recognition, and remarkable journeys are testaments to their unwavering determination and undeniable talent. As they continue to explore new opportunities and showcase their skills, we eagerly anticipate witnessing their continued ascent in the entertainment industry.


Q1: Are Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini dating?

A1: Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini are not currently dating. While Stokes attended the event with his girlfriend, Ballerini, they are not involved romantically.

Q2: What were the other major awards presented at the event?

A2: In addition to the breakthrough actor and director awards, the event also honored director Saverio Costanzo with the Italian Excellence award and producers Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi with the breakthrough producers award.

Q3: What is the significance of the Venice Visionary award?

A3: The Venice Visionary award recognizes outstanding directors who demonstrate exceptional creativity and vision in their filmmaking. It is a prestigious accolade that highlights a director’s contributions to the industry.

Q4: How did Chase Stokes feel about receiving the breakthrough actor award?

A4: Chase Stokes expressed immense gratitude and humility upon receiving the breakthrough actor award. He felt honored to be recognized among his peers and acknowledged the surreal nature of his rapid rise to fame.

Q5: What message did Lukas Gage convey in his acceptance speech?

A5: Lukas Gage addressed the SAG-AFTRA strike in his acceptance speech, emphasizing the importance of fair deals for actors and writers. He expressed a desire for the industry to find a resolution soon so that everyone can get back to work.