Home » Dan Harmon Drops Exciting Hints About Upcoming ‘Rick and Morty’ Movie- A Must-Read for Fans!

Dan Harmon Drops Exciting Hints About Upcoming ‘Rick and Morty’ Movie- A Must-Read for Fans!

Dan Harmon Teases ‘Rick and Morty’ Movie, Future Plans

Dan Harmon Teases ‘Rick and Morty’ Movie, Future Plans

Dan Harmon Teases ‘Rick and Morty’ Movie, Future Plans

Get ready for some exciting news, Rick and Morty fans! The creator of the hit animated series, Dan Harmon, recently dropped some hints about a potential movie and the future of the show. In a recent interview, Harmon shared his thoughts on the possibility of a Rick and Morty movie, as well as his plans for the show’s longevity. Let’s dive into the details and explore what Harmon has in store for us!

Harmon’s Hollywood Support

One of the most intriguing revelations from Harmon’s interview was the support he has received from Hollywood heavyweights like Zack Snyder. The Justice League director expressed his enthusiasm for a Rick and Morty movie and even offered his assistance to get the project off the ground.

A Super Badass Episode on the Big Screen

Harmon’s vision for the Rick and Morty movie is to keep it in line with the show’s animated adventures. He wants to make it a super badass episode, but with a bigger budget and more elaborate animation sequences. Harmon believes that less is more in terms of storytelling, allowing the animators to let their creativity run wild.

The Right Conceit for the Movie

During his discussions with Warner Bros. executives, Harmon felt that they were on the same page regarding the “right conceit” for the Rick and Morty movie. While there is no script or detailed outline yet, Harmon’s confidence in the direction of the film suggests exciting possibilities for fans.

The Importance of Timing

Harmon expressed his preference for working on the movie while the show is still ongoing. He believes that the film should not rely heavily on the series’ canon but rather serve as a standalone adventure, similar to the approach taken with the Indiana Jones films. Harmon wants the movie to be the characters’ greatest adventure yet.

The Never-Ending Story

Good news for Rick and Morty enthusiasts: the show isn’t ending anytime soon. With two more seasons already planned and a total of 70 episodes in the pipeline, Harmon has no intention of wrapping up the series just yet. He even jokingly mentions his desire for the show to run for 100 seasons!

The Final Moment

While Harmon hasn’t mapped out the final episode or scene, he has contemplated how the story might conclude. He envisions Morty’s 15th birthday as a potential turning point, where the character embraces independence and sets off on a new journey. The catastrophic sinking of the metaphorical Titanic could symbolize this transition.


Dan Harmon’s teasing about a Rick and Morty movie and sharing his future plans for the show has undoubtedly sparked excitement among fans. As we eagerly await further updates, Harmon’s vision of a super badass episode on the big screen promises a thrilling adventure that captures the essence of the beloved animated series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will the Rick and Morty movie be connected to the show’s storyline?

No, the movie will be a standalone adventure, allowing fans to enjoy it without relying heavily on the series’ canon.

2. When can we expect the Rick and Morty movie to be released?

There is no set release date yet as the project is still in the early stages. Stay tuned for any official announcements!

3. Will Zack Snyder be directing the Rick and Morty movie?

While Zack Snyder is a fan of the show and offered his support, there are no confirmations about his involvement as the director at this time.

4. What can we expect from the animation in the movie?

According to Harmon, the movie will allow the animators to go all-out with their creativity, incorporating crazy sequences and fancier animation.

5. Can we anticipate more seasons of Rick and Morty beyond the already planned 70 episodes?

Harmon has hinted at the possibility of the show continuing beyond the planned 70 episodes and even jokingly expressed his desire for it to run for 100 seasons. There may still be more Rick and Morty adventures in the future!